12 Tips to increase YouTube Video Views Organically

“2014 was year of images and 2015 is year for videos.”

 Brands try hard to get more views on their YouTube Videos and are always looking for ideas to get their videos going viral. Making every video viral is not something that is possible for any brand; however a few steps can help brands make their videos reach to right audience. Below are some of the simple tips that can be used to enhance your video views and channel subscriber base, all organically!

  1. Create interesting content: There is plethora of content on the web vying for users’ attention. It goes without saying that in order to get the attention of users to surf and consume your content, it must not only be useful but more importantly presented in an interesting way.
  2. Enhance Youtube Video views organicallyUse appropriate keywords: SEO is huge-60% of our content is discovered via Search and Related videos. Make your video more searches friendly by using appropriate tags. Tag them properly with compelling title and introduction to the video. A word of caution: Don’t overdo the tags. 8-10 tags describing your video content should be sufficient.
  3. Share on all social channels: Share the videos on various social channels with engaging copy. Don’t forget to share more than once at different times to get more impressions and views.  Use the channel specific analytics to find out the optimum time to share.
  4. Select appealing thumbnails:  As they say, you never get a second chance to create good first impression. So to make that first impression fascinating enough for user to click on video create attention-grabbing custom thumbnails. This is very important while sharing videos on social channels.
  5. Video based engagement activities: Take advantage of social channels to promote video and increase views. Run quiz based contests with hints to answer hidden in video. It will ensure more people reaching the channel and watching a video to participate in contest.
  6.  Live by the 90:10 Rule. Yes, for YouTube also! YouTube is also a social channel and to build a good community and increase subscriber base, spend 10% time on content creation and 90% on engagement. Respond to the user comments and answer their queries.
  7.  Use annotations: If someone is watching your video, give them an option watch other videos, engage and subscribe your channel through that video window itself. Use annotations with link to other videos, asking them to like/share or subscriber to channel for more such videos. More attractive the annotations, more the chances of desired action. If possible, you may even try interactive annotations like this video did! http://bit.ly/interactiveannotation
  8. Add YouTube widget: If you have a blog, don’t forget to add YouTube widget and subscribe button.  Similarly, you may add YouTube app tab in your Facebook page too, to enhance your YouTube Channel reach and views. Allow others to embed your video in their blog posts
  9. Use playlist: Make best use of YouTube’s playlist feature. Playlists are useful to enhance view time by enabling users to watch multiple videos with minimal efforts. Optimize playlist metadata (title, tags and description) and publish the playlist on social channels. You may use advanced playlist features to make playlists more effective.
  10.  Add small parameter Whenever the channel url link is shared in email or anywhere else add a small parameter (?sub_confirmation=1), which will show an added pop-up to subscribe. For e.g. if when the same parameter was added in Isobar’s YT channel, (https://www.youtube.com/user/isobar?sub_confirmation=1), we get this pop-up to subscribe on reaching to channel, as in image below. popup for subscriptionDid I mention that you must use an engaging channel trailer to attract audience to subscribe your channel when they land on your YouTube channel homepage!
  11.  Transcribe videos: If your videos have a lot of speech, you must upload a transcript too. It not only helps hearing impaired to get captions, but also helps Google to understand what is in the video, and enhances ranking.
  12.  Optimize your Channel: Last but not the least, don’t forget to optimize channel. Use right keywords, neat description, appealing cover image and link to other social channels

These are some of the simplest tips to enhance your video views and also to increase the subscriber base without spending money on promoting your videos.  Share in comments, if you also have some more such simple tips!

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