Personal TO-DO List: Everyone’s must

 (A list to complete before I die)

In our day to day routine, we are used to of making to-do list to complete our tasks. On those lines, I thought of making a to-do list for myself, a list of tasks that I want to complete before I leave this earth. Now, I am quite unorganized and generally don’t make written lists, mostly because I remember things (Yeah, time to boast my memory!) But still I decided to make a list so that some important things are not missed and I am reminded by others, if I skip something.

  1. Tell People what they mean to me:  God has been kind to me and blessed me with some of the most loving persons. I don’t tell them  very often how much they mean to me and I think this is most important thing in my to-do list to tell them all that I really love them and owe them a lot.
  2. Apologize to some: They say, we hurt them the most who love us the most. Willingly/Unwillingly I have also been the source of pain for many, including those who cared for me and loved me. I need to apologize to them, once again.
  3. Sort out finances: Not that I am super rich, but I have created biggest mess in this field so far. People around me know how mismanaged I am regarding my money matters and I don’t want my loved ones to give up on getting my hard earned (peanut sized) money due to extreme hassles to receive that.
  4. Meet few people one more time: Some family members, friends and acquaintances whom I haven’t met for long, meeting them once is certainly on my to-do list!
  5. Cook some more weird(ish)dishes: Ok, I don’t know if I want to try out some new dishes and make few tried ones for the love of cooking…or for love of people. But I want to try them out and ensure they are eaten! I know the victims (if reading it), would have already become worried!  There is no place for “Eat this or that” in this list… as I am not that great a foodie!
  6. Visit some places: As a child, my wish was to visit Rotterdam and as I wrote, God has been kind to me, so I got a chance to go Rotterdam as my first foreign trip.  I have yet to go some European cities, in India-Gangtok, and once again to kanyakumari, Pondicherry…and most importantly my home! But this is more  part of wish-list than to-do and if I get to make to even my home, I will be satisfied.
  7. Find the way to clear up my social presence: To learn the nitty gritties of social media, I was forced to created profiles at many social sites, wikis and what not, apart from multiple email ids. Some of them I use a lot but others are just useless and I don’t think they need to stay there after me and take some storage capacity. So I need to do a little research to ensure that my social footprints are I am not like a ghost on social channels.
  8. Make it even with a few: I guess I am sufficiently generous and mostly forgive people, but then I ain’t no saint, and have to make even with a few people, who have troubled me beyond limit or my loved ones. No, I am not mercenary, so don’t look at me…I won’t settle others’ scores.
  9. Thank a lot of people: I need to thank a lot of people whom I know for being good, to me and to others..pretty long list but I must do that, including you,for taking time to read this!

This is quite a list already in which except places to visit, I haven’t added my wish list part like reading, writing and so on … and phew, it’s already a huge one!!!

Do you think there is something really important that I am missing from this to-do list?

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