Some Takeaways from the Social Business Summit 2013 (Mumbai)

Dachis group organized “Social Business Summit” at Hotel Taj Mumbai on May 23rd 2013. With an impressive list of speakers Gaurav Mishra, Gautam Ghosh, Manu Prasad, Jeff Dachis, Ashok Lalla, Sanjay Mehta, Atu,l Tuli and Michael Jones, the flow of interesting ideas was obvious and though I could not attend the event, I kept a track on the tweets which came with event hashtag #SBS2013. I have curated a few of the pre-lunch session tweets for the benefit of those who could not attend the event and those who wish to revisit the learning. These tweets are mostly from the talks of ManuPrasad, Jeff Dachis, Sanjay Mehta  and Atul Tuli.

  1. The shift we are seeing from Mass Communications to Mass of Communicators. So, brands have to rethink the way they’re built :@jeffdachis (@arifkhan7)
  2. Communicate what the audience wants to listen to – @sm63’s talk in context of #B2B companies on social at #SBS2013 (@arifkhan7)
  3. It’s not the data that matters. It’s the intent behind using the data that matters. – @manuscrypts (@arifkhan7)
  4. Brands need to rethink. They need to shift from advertising to engagement. That’s modern marketing. – @jeffdachis (@arifkhan7)
  5. Pre-purchase consideration is being generated by the content, connection, conversation, participation and collaboration today.  (@arifkhan7)
  6. Biggest takeaway from talk by @sm63 is that social monitoring is not about the tool. It’s what you do with the data. (@bijli)
  7. “Engagement happens when brands focus on value creation for user, for shared purpose.”: @manuscrypts  (via @ideasmithy)
  8. The 4 V’s – Volume, Velocity, Variety, Variability/Veracity = Social Scale. (reminds you of #bigdata Related!) (@arifkhan7)
  9. “The shift is also going to be from “owning” to “sharing” goods and services, don’t know what it means for brands” – @jeffdachis  ( @gautamghosh)
  10. Brands need to operate with authenticity, engagement to sustain and grow in the future:  @jeffdachis  ( @_Kavi )
  11. ‏”Brands need to operate with authenticity, trust to earn loyalty. And not talk “at” people” – @jeffdachis  (@GautamGhosh)
  12. Number of active discussion and Average discussion lengths  can be good metric for influence on SoMe  @jeffdachis (@_Kavi )
  13. Identify individuals who have an extraordinary relationship w/ their audiences & correlate their advocacy w/ sales. @jeffdachis  (@arifkhan7)
  14. Brands build relationships like the way we do w/ real people. They have to do that now, it’s difficult but learn to do. @jeffdachis (@arifkhan7)
  15. Social has given word of mouth another push. It has taken it to a different level. – @atultuli (@arifkhan7)
  16. 58% of Facebook users have mentioned a brand in a status update – @atultuli  (@GautamGhosh )
  17. The customer’s perception is your reality: Atul Tuli #SBS2013 (via @nailamateen)
  18. Employees are your secret weapon on social. They are passionate and have rich domain knowledge. – @mjfreshyfresh  (@arifkhan7)

 Slides of the presentations would be made available as promised by Jeff Dachis


I hope this post would be useful for the readers interested in social aspect of business.   Credit for these tweets goes to @arifkhan7, @bijli, @gautamghosh @_kavi, @ideasmithy @nailamateen.


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